Kinder Prep, A Fresh Approach to Pre-K

Beginning the academic journey is a big step, one that many four year olds can’t wait to take. And who knew learning could be so fun?

For our Kinder Prep students, this is a time to explore and discover God’s many wonders. Our hands-on, child centered curriculum is designed to provide an enriched Pre-Kinder experience. It is our goal that each child finds joy in learning.

Building a Strong Foundation for Elementary

Kinder Prep at Faith Academy is designed to incorporate Biblically based education to support our elementary school program. The program strives to provide a language rich environment that helps young children develop vocabulary, extended language skills, and knowledge of the world around them. Instruction incorporates opportunities for fine and gross motor development daily. Group activities are provided to include themes that involve literature; alphabet, numeric, and phonemic awareness; language; science explorations; math concepts; seasons and holidays; and other developmentally appropriate topics.

Through our Kinder Prep program, we are dedicated to the best academic education for our students and the strongest spiritual foundation. Partnering with parents, we guide children through their early and most formative years — committed to strengthening both mind and heart.

For more information, please contact:
Rebekah Silvers
Elementary Principal
Faith Academy of Marble Falls
Office: 830-798-1333

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