Faith Academy seeks to provide a quality, low cost education for Christian families in the Central Texas area.  Tuition at Faith Academy is structured similar to that of the university system where costs are fixed on a per class basis rather than a single tuition rate.  This allows families to pick and choose a course load to fit their individual budgets.

Pricing listed below is per year (two semesters Fall/Spring) for the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Kinder-Prep:  $3,150 per students (academics) — Optional Discovery Zone: $525
  • K – 5th Grade:  $5,943 per student, includes Core Academics, plus additional electives (2 electives). Core Academics: $4,095 includes academic classes (English, Math, Bible, Science, Social Studies).  Elective classes are available Tuesday & Wednesdays paid per course ($924 per course, per year).
  • 6th-8th grades:   $7,434 per student ($1,239 per class, up to 6 classes)
  • 9th-12th grades:   $8,673 per student ($1,239 per class up to 7 classes)
  • Study Hall (6-12th): $683 per class, per year

Athletics (JH & HS): Includes all sports and athletic training class for the year when enrolled sports are not in season.  There may be additional costs for travel uniforms, shoes, etc.

  • 5th Grade:  $450 per sport (no flat rate)
  • Junior High Athletics:  $900 per student, flat rate
  • High School Athletics:  $1,250 per student, flat rate


  • Application Fee:  $70 (for the first application, $35 for each additional application) One time, non-refundable fee per student due with submission of online application
  • Placement Testing Fee:  $50 per student (K-12th) One time, non-refundable fee per student due with testing registration form
  • Registration Fee: $30 per student through May 31; $60 per student after May 31 Annual, non-refundable fee paid to secure student’s place in class
  • Enrollment Fee:  $450 per student per year (capped at $900 per family and rolled into total balance due) Annual, non-refundable fee absorbed by all students that covers the administrative costs associated with the enrollment process and added to the total tuition
  • Monthly Installment Plan Fee:  $250 per family per year (not charged monthly) Annual fee calculated into the total tuition to cover the administrative costs of making monthly payments instead of paying in full

Sibling Discount on Tuition:

  • The first student in the family must be taking a full course load. Remaining siblings taking a full course load will receive the following sibling discount:
    • Kinder-Prep-5th Grades:  $325 per student per year
    • 6th-12th Grades:    $400 per student per year