Academic Counseling/School Profile

The college admission process is an exciting and challenging time in the lives of students and their families—filled with adrenaline and disappointment, tedious work and patient waiting, and dreams of the future mixed with memories of the past.  We encourage you to walk confidently through the process knowing that God already has a plan for you.

The academic counseling office is here to assist with the process, designed to maximize options and minimize stress.  Our goal is to work with you as questions come up, supplying answers when we know them and working together to find them when we don’t! We encourage parents to work closely with students during the process.  Just as parents are involved in academics at Faith Academy, it makes perfect sense to be involved when it comes to guidance in the admissions process as well.  Please consider the following as you embark on this journey:

  • Pray as a family about the process
  • Develop a plan and hold each other accountable
  • Utilize Naviance Family Connection to research
  • Be available to assist with the process
  • Communicate with the Academic Adviser

Parental involvement can be one of the most important factors in the process.  If you have not plunged into this adventure yet, now is the time to get started and get informed.