What do I need to do if my child is sick or will be absent?

Parents (not students) must call or email ( the office on the morning of the absence if the student is ill and will not be attending class.  In any situation other than illness, the parent must contact the teacher and the office prior to the absence to make arrangements with and receive permission from the instructor (see situations below). Failure to properly notify administration when a student is absent will result in an unexcused absence and a zero for all assignments due that day.

What happens if my child gets a tardy or is not in uniform?

Student will receive tardy slip to be able to enter class and the front office will document uniform violations and teachers document tardies.

  • 1st violation – verbal warning
  • 2nd violation – official write-up, document in FACTS, notify parent, copy supervisor
  • 3rd violation – document in FACTS, student receives before school detention, notify parent, copy supervisor
  • After 4 tardies, meeting with administration and parents

Is there a school uniform? What is the dress code?

Faith Academy’s dress code is intended to encourage modesty and decency and to minimize the use of clothing as a significant means of establishing identity or social status. Faith Academy staff may determine the appropriateness of a student’s clothing or hairstyle and may request that any student who is not dressed appropriately follow the steps listed under dress code violations. The administrator may grant exceptions to the dress code if desired for special dress days.  Students attending any Faith Academy approved function must observe school guidelines for dress such as moderate clothing and covered tattoos.

All uniform clothing must be approved items. Click here to access our Uniform Policy. 

Is there a visitor policy?

To enhance both student safety and operational efficiency, Faith Academy will enforce the following guidelines governing the presence of visitors on campus during regular school hours, except for parents who are dropping off or picking up students.  Students and parents should make potential visitors aware of this policy.

  • All visitors must check in with the office upon arriving on campus to obtain permission from the office to remain on campus.
  • All visitors must be willing to comply with the rules and regulations governing student and staff conduct, including appropriate dress regulations. Modest dress to include not too short, not too tight, and not revealing attire.
  • Students or friends not attending FAMF who drive on campus for the purpose of giving a ride to a FAMF student may not loiter in the parking lot or enter the buildings, unless they obtain permission from the office.

Unauthorized Persons – Texas Education Code Sec. 37.105. UNAUTHORIZED PERSONS: REFUSAL OF ENTRY, EJECTION, IDENTIFICATION.

(a) A school administrator, school resource officer, or school district peace officer of a school district may refuse to allow a person to enter on or may eject a person from property under the district’s control if the person refuses to leave peaceably on request and:

(1) the person poses a substantial risk of harm to any person; or
(2) the person behaves in a manner that is inappropriate for a school setting and:

A) the administrator, resource officer, or peace officer issues a verbal warning to the person that the person’s behavior is inappropriate and may result in the person’s refusal of entry or ejection; and

(B) the person persists in that behavior

(b)  Identification may be required of any person on the property.

(c)  Each school district shall maintain a record of each verbal warning issued under Subsection (a)(2)(A), including the name of the person to whom the warning was issued and the date of issuance.

(d)  At the time a person is refused entry to or ejected from a school district’s property under this section, the district shall provide to the person written information explaining the appeal process established under Subsection (h).

(e)  If a parent or guardian of a child enrolled in a school district is refused entry to the district’s property under this section, the district shall accommodate the parent or guardian to ensure that the parent or guardian may participate in the child’s admission, review, and dismissal committee or in the child’s team established under Section 504, Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (29 U.S.C. Section 794), in accordance with federal law.

(f)  The term of a person’s refusal of entry to or ejection from a school district’s property under this section may not exceed two years.

(g)  A school district shall post on the district’s Internet website and each district campus shall post on any Internet website of the campus a notice regarding the provisions of this section, including the appeal process established under Subsection (h).

(h)  The commissioner shall adopt rules to implement this section, including rules establishing a process for a person to appeal to the board of trustees of the school district the decision under Subsection (a) to refuse the person’s entry to or eject the person from the district’s property.

PLEASE NOTE: The Commissioner of Education has yet to adopt rules regarding the appeal process referenced in this law. In the event you wish to appeal any decision of FA officials made pursuant to the above law, please contact Faith Academy administration.