Why Faith?

Here is what our graduates have to say….

“The sense of family and community is so amazing, and to receive personal attention from teachers and staff made a significant difference in my preparation for college academically and morally.”
Stephen Brewer  – Class of 2001 – 2006 graduate of the University of Texas at Austin

“Faith Academy prepared me academically for college by continually challenging me with more and more advanced essays and presentations each year. I also learned about the many world views around the planet and how they differ from my own perspective. The prayers everyday in school, the bonding on the football field, and the retreats constantly fueled my spiritual growth. The teachers, administrators, and staff went beyond their jobs to be mentors. I tried to model that in my own teaching career. I used the skills that I acquired at Faith Academy to graduate from Texas A&M University, which allowed me to teach history and geography to high school students. The spiritual preparation that I received from Faith Academy provided a foundation for me to share God’s word as a missionary with my wife in Uganda.”
Bryan Hunt – Class of 2005 – 2010 Graduate of Texas A&M – Missionary in Uganda

“I like to credit FA, specifically through athletics, for instilling in me the ability to press on, no matter what comes your way. I don’t think I could have made it through all these years of slowly paying and working my way through college without that acquired work ethic from high school.”
Ben Henderson – Class of 2003 – Graduate of University of North Texas

“Faith Academy taught me to value integrity. This has strengthened me in and out of the classroom.”
Cody Hunt – Class of 2007 – Graduate of Texas A&M University

“Faith Academy was the launch site into the rest of my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I found myself completely prepared for college both spiritually and academically.”
Ryan Johnson – Class of 2010 – Graduate of Baylor University

“In my seven years at Faith Academy, I received a great education because my teachers challenged me in my academic strengths and built me up in my weaknesses by very personal and careful instruction. Better than any academic education, the school’s community provided a safe place for me to grow in the Lord and the love of Jesus. One of my favorite things about Faith Academy was praying at the beginning of every class because it brought academia and following Jesus together. My teachers really sought to exemplify that whatever they do, whether in word or deed, they were doing it in the name of the Lord Jesus (Colossians 3:17).”
Jordan Bland – Class of 2011 – Graduate of Manhattan College in New York.

“Being an athlete in college, I have a full plate, but Faith helped me learn to study the right way… Also gave me a strong spiritual foundation to look to when in a time of need.”
Ashley Field – Class of 2008 –  Graduate of Baylor University, Women’s Basketball Team Champion

“Faith Academy is life-prep. It has helped me know who I am in Christ and what I am capable of as a person.”
Ryan Earwood – Class of 2008

“I receive more than just an education at Faith Academy, I received a solid spiritual and academic foundation on which I’ve been able to build.”
Hailey Bland – Class of 2007 – 2011 Graduate of University for the Nations and currently working for Youth With a Mission

“Even though I only went to Faith Academy for my last 2 years of high school, it was great preparation for college life and not just based on academics.  Everyone there was so friendly and truly represented the Christian way of life.  It has helped me to grow in all aspects in my life, and has strengthened my relationship with Jesus Christ to even greater heights.”
Tyler Laughlin – Class of 2009 – Graduate of Butler University

“As I look back on my elementary, junior high, and high school years it is very evident that God used Faith Academy to draw me closer to Him and ignite a passion for Him and His truth. Faith was the first time I was taught to grow in my knowledge of God. He isn’t a far away mystical being, He is the one true God who lives in side every believer in the form of the Holy Spirit and we are called to grow deeper and deeper in knowledge of Him, not merely be passionate on the surface level. God has been so kind to reveal all of this to me, and He used Faith Academy as one of the primary sources.”
Deanna Hoover – Class of 2010 – Graduate of Texas A&M University