University Model

University-Model education (UMS) takes the best aspects of traditional, full-time public and private schools, as well as home schools, and molds them into one model. The UMS model offers an educational paradigm that restores the biblical role of parents as the primary guardians of the spiritual, moral, and academic education of their children. This model creates a rich and diverse culture of interdependent relationships between school and home that strengthens families, promotes academic excellence, and develops mature disciples of Jesus Christ.

UMS uses a university-style schedule adapted to the elementary, junior, and senior high levels. Professional teachers teaching in their areas of expertise conduct central classroom instruction. Students (grades KP-12th) attend classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Students spend alternate days at home where parents continue their instruction or monitor student progress. Teachers provide parents with detailed instructions through our online learning management system, Canvas, for days spent at home.

Graduates of Faith Academy tell us this model has greatly prepared them for the collegiate classroom as well, where classes meet two or three days per week with assignments due outside of class.  The UMS model is key to the successful transition of high schoolers to the collegiate classroom by teaching them the critical skills of time management and independent study.

UMS caters to a wide variety of student needs by allowing a range of enrollment opportunities. A student may choose to take only one or two classes, or may opt to take a full academic load. Much like courses listed in a college catalog, each course description contains information about the course, prerequisites, and parental involvement for that class.

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