Faith Academy of Marble Falls is a private, Christian, University-Model® school whose purpose is to provide students with a comprehensive, college-preparatory education that prepares each student for life. We seek to develop the whole child – academically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically – through an educational format utilizing both trained classroom instruction and individualized parent involvement.

Faith Academy is committed to providing a vital learning experience for students that encourages and facilitates the parent/child relationship. In cooperation with parents, we seek to inform minds and change the lives of our students.

The Faith Academy academic program maintains high academic standards emphasizing a strong student work ethic and college preparation while growing spiritually. Our academic standards will meet or exceed the local and state laws that govern education. The college simulated schedule allows students to develop strong study habits and time management skills as they apply their classroom knowledge to their home assignments. Student success is achieved with both the teacher and parents working to assist their child through their education.

Faith Academy partners with parents in all grades to equip our students in their academic and elective classes. Elementary students utilize curriculum from Bob Jones University Press and Abeka, while secondary students use texts from BJU Press, Pearson, and McDougal.  Students discover new material and review previously taught concepts through hands-on activities, presentations, and collaborative learning in the classroom and at home in all subjects. As students progress through grades at Faith Academy, they continue to build on their knowledge and foundation of faith as our mission statement proclaims. Know. Grow. Go!