Secondary Grade Parent Responsibilities

  • Secondary grade parents will encourage and serve their class sponsors.
  • Encourage participation for students and families for events specifically set for that individual grade or campus wide, i.e., class parties, mission projects, pep rallies, etc.
  • Schedule parent volunteers for any class events, i.e., teacher luncheons, planning of dances or events, and other class events, etc.
  • Serve as a mentor or a source of support to our new families.
  • Pass all pertinent prayer requests from students or families to the prayer team.
  • Send an email to your grade’s class roster int he fall introducing yourself, offer your help for the semester, and remind them of important dates of events coming up.
  • Make a personal phone call to the new families, in the fall and/or the spring, to offer your help or to answer any questions.  Answers to all questions is not required, but you can point them int he direction of someone that does.  Pass any information of families struggling with the model to Administrative Staff.
  • Send a follow-up email about six weeks into the semester to ask how things are going.
  • Create and monitor the Sign-up Genius for your class sponsored events to be sure everything is covered.  Send out reminder emails if items are still needed, i.e., teacher luncheons or other class events.

High school classes have a grade parent, an assigned teacher sponsor, and a student officer assigned to each class.  Each class will plan, prepare, and coordinate an event for the school.

  • 9th grade will be responsible for elementary field day.  Freshman class sponsor is Lynn Kelley.
  • 10th grade will be responsible for high school field day.  Sophomore sponsor is Celia Merrill.
  • 11th grade will sponsor the Prom.  Junior class sponsor is Linda Puckett.
  • 12th grade will sponsor the Fall formal and JH Dance Party.  Senior class sponsor is Elsa Benac.