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    Check in at student center

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    Chapel service in the student center

  • 10:05 AM

    Prospective students and parents visit classrooms

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    Information session and lunch in the student center

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How is Faith Academy different than other schools?

Faith Academy utilizes an integrated instructional approach to education in order to produce a higher degree of academic achievement.  This unique educational model, the University-Model® School, (UMS) takes the best aspects of traditional, full-time public and private schools, as well as home schools, and molds them into one model.  Professional instruction by the classroom teacher and the close involvement and guidance of parents, as well as low student/teacher ratio, hands-on learning, a strong work ethic for students and Christian curriculum combined, are proven elements of success.

What courses does Faith Academy offer?

Faith Academy provides a full academic program for K-12th grade.  All course listings can be found within the Essential Documents located on the website.

Can I enroll my student in only one class?

Yes, our core academic classes are offered as single subject courses to best utilize available instructional time.  We may, occasionally, due to small class sizes, combine course levels for our elective classes (e.g., art, drama, etc.)

What curriculum does Faith Academy use?

A single curriculum was not chosen for Faith Academy.  Instead, we have taken an eclectic approach choosing the curriculum which we feel is best for our students in each individual course as well as fit within the University-Model® School style.

How much time will my child spend doing homework?

Time spent is unique to each student and depends on the subject. Students spend a minimum of one hour working at home for every hour spent at school (1:1 ratio). This standard is the minimum for participation; however, most students who want to excel in the program spend more time working at home than is required.  

Will my child still be able to participate in extra-curricular activities?

Our program gives students an opportunity to pursue and develop special interests, talents, and abilities in addition to academics, including sports, art, speech and many others.  We encourage participation in these activities since they help motivate students to succeed and provides another avenue for learning important life skills, such as teamwork, relating well to others, work ethic, time management, goal setting and more.

My child is gifted in math and science but English gives him trouble.

Students register for individual courses, not complete grade level (with the exception of kindergarten through fifth grades). Faith Academy allows students to deviate from grade level based on mastery of individual subject matter:  elementary may go back or advance one grade level, secondary may go back or advance two grade levels with academic approval. Flexible course registration makes it possible for students to advance more quickly in areas where they are gifted and/or repeat weaker areas when necessary.

Can students transfer into Faith Academy after being in other schools?

Yes, students who transfer will be placed in classes based on transcripts and placement testing.

When will I be able to enroll my student at Faith Academy?

Faith Academy allows semester-by-semester enrollment.  Once a semester is underway, new students may not be admitted until the beginning of a new semester (unless special circumstances apply and with Head of School approval). Students may register and add and drop classes during the first two weeks of a semester only.

Are you accredited?

Yes, we are accredited through AdvancED.  Faith Academy is certified by UMSI (University-Model® Schools International) as an official UMS representative.  We are also affiliated with ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) and TAPPS (Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools) for high school academic and athletic competition.

Who are your teachers?

Faith Academy teachers are hired professionals, with extensive experience in education and training in their teaching field. Most are state certified and have advanced degrees. Teachers must meet a defined set of criteria, first and foremost of which is a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They must also love children, have a passion for their subject and a gift of teaching.

What if parents aren’t teachers? How can they teach their children if they have never homeschooled or have a teaching degree?

Parents need not have teaching experience. Faith Academy takes the lead in the area of academics. All new concepts are introduced and taught at school by paid professionals while the application of the concept takes place at home in the satellite classroom.  Faith Academy teachers provide detailed assignments within our learning management system, Canvas, each week and maintain open lines of communication. Parents act as co-instructors under the guidance of the classroom teacher. Bear in mind that as a child progresses to higher grade levels, the academic role of the parent gradually migrates from that of co-instructor to proctor/mentor so that by the time a student graduates, he is prepared (trained and experienced) to assume the individual responsibility required for success at the collegiate level.

What are the parents’ responsibilities?

Parents must be committed to providing partnership instruction in the satellite classroom (home) on the days the child is not attending Faith Academy (Monday, Thursday). Parents are responsible for providing regular structure for completing home assignments and monitoring the student’s completion of these assignments, and helping the student as needed.  Keep in mind, as your student progresses through the model, your academic role and responsibilities will decrease while increasing those of your student.

My wife and I both work full time outside our home. Will that be a problem in this model?

One of the most important ingredients in the success of the University-Model® is an available parent who can assist and properly work with the student. For a family in which both parents work outside the home on a full-time basis, a more traditional 35-40 hours/week school is probably a better choice.

What is your statement of faith?

Our Statement of Faith is as follows: As a Christian school, staff and board members of Faith Academy we firmly believe: –There is only one true God, existent in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. –There is only one way of salvation, wholly of God by grace on the basis of redemption of Jesus Christ. –The Bible comprised of all 66 books from Genesis to Revelation, is God’s full and complete written revelation to man, given to us through the Holy Spirit, it is inerrant, infallible, and God-breathed.  – We believe that all who place their faith in Jesus Christ are immediately placed by the Holy Spirit into one united spiritual Body, the church, the Bride of Christ, of which Christ is the Head. –We believe God’s design for marriage is between one man and one woman. God’s Word is clear that the two, meaning one man and one woman, become one flesh in marriage. –Yes, it is necessary that the parents agree with the Faith Academy Statement of Faith.

When do the classes meet?

Faith Academy has a college-simulated scheduling of courses, organized in 16-week semesters, with classes meeting on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday for ALL students in 6th-12th grade.  On Friday, our K-5th students attend school for a half-day only.

Is there a dress code/uniform policy?

Uniform dress is required.  Uniform cost for elementary is approximately $40 plus tax & shipping (one monogrammed shirt & pants) Secondary uniform cost is approximately $50 plus tax & shipping (one monogrammed shirt & pants).

Do you issue report cards? How often?

Grades can be viewed at any time on Canvas, our online learning management system.  Semester end grades are posted in ParentsWeb.

Do you offer sports?

Yes, Faith Academy is a member of TAPPS and offers sports for 7th-12th grades including cheerleading, volleyball, football, basketball, cross country, baseball, softball, soccer, swimming, track and field, golf, and tennis.